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National surveys on employers' perceptions of the benefits of child care programs report increased productivity, improved recruitment and retention and lower stress levels as motivations for child care assistance. Workers are more likely to be more productive and satisfied on the job when they work in jobs that support their individual and family needs, according to The 1997 National Study of the Changing Workforce by the nonprofit Families and Work Institute

An employer's response to the child care needs of its employees depend on the company’s size, industry, location and economic condition. A decision about whether to implement a child care assistance program should take into account three important factors:

  • a careful investigation of employees' child care needs and preferences;
  • employers' goals and resources;
  • the supply of and demand for child care services which already exist in the community.

A consideration of the variety of programmatic alternatives should also be a part of the decision-making process, including costs, potential risks or liability, and the program's capacity for addressing already determined employee needs, if indeed any type of assistance is found to be warranted.

There are many different types of programs from which employers can select their own approach:

Direct Services

  • on-site/off-site center
  • consortium centers
  • summer/weekend camps
  • family child care networks
  • emergency care
  • sick child care
  • school-age care

Financial Assistance

  • vouchers/reimbursement
  • flexible spending accounts
  • contributions to community resources
  • flexible leave policies (flex-time, job sharing, flexiplace, telecommuting, part time, compressed work week
  • public-private partnerships

Information Services

  • resource and referral
  • educational services

How Child Care Resource & Referral Can Help Employers

Assistance for employers to help sort through which child care option is feasible for their company is available from Child Care Resource and Referral. CCR&R can:

  • Provide statistical data on the current supply and demand of child care in a given area.
  • Provide information on average child care costs.
  • Provide education on components of a quality child care program.
  • Provide employer resource and referral for child care.
  • Share information on specific state requirements for child care programs.
  • Coordinate workplace seminars or child care fairs.

Contact your local CCR&R for more information.