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Choosing an early care and education program is an important decision for any family. The search for the right program for your child takes time and energy.

All young children need quality care no matter where they are; at home with a parent, being cared for by a relative, or in a child care setting.

Finding a quality program is even more important because research shows that the first five years are the most formative for a child's brain. The early years are a "window of opportunity" when the brain makes the connections necessary for learning and have the potential to establish either a firm -- or fragile -- foundation for your child's future. As a parent searching for an early care and education program, it is your responsibility to identify the program that will help lay the best foundation for your child.

How can parents, grandparents and caregivers support learning? Since children learn in a variety of ways and styles, to achieve developmental milestones the relationship with parents and primary caregivers is essential. It's a connection that allows for optimum learning (
Child Care Resource & Referral offers parents referrals to licensed or regulated child care providers. There is no charge for this service. We do not make recommendations, put will provide you with information on quality child care to help you make the best choice for your child.

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